I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

And there we have it, White Christmas Dream collection is completed with all three chapters launched.

I actually do have a couple more new designs in mind, but I'm so out of bandwidth and didn't wish to overkill myself as this year's launch is pretty massive compared to the past years, with a majority of designed & made from scratch items.

You'd also have noticed that I've cleaned up my webstore, as I'll be dedicating Nov & Dec mainly to White Christmas Dream Collection items. I'll be announcing my Christmas closing date as we approach nearer to Dec.

A big Thank you in advance for your kind patience as this festive season lead time would be 5 - 7 days. I'll be really grateful to receive your gift of time, if you could place your orders at your earliest.

If you've been eyeing to send a bundle of Blessings or Serenity to your fam & friends, be delighted with complimentary delivery for both bundles.

We're 6 weeks away from Christmas.

Now, take a moment to sit back, chill over some Christmas jazz & candles in the background, and start listing who's gonna be on your Christmas list this year! 🌿

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