Sustainable Gifting


Tabletopics is now proud to be part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative which is a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means.



Packaging has been a dilemma here at Tabletopics ever since we started out in 2015. Each time we pack a coaster or woody in its individual clear plastic sheet, we felt extremely guilty towards contributing unnecessary waste to the environment as we think about how this single use plastic sheet will just end up in the mountainous trash pile, taking years to decompose.

Yes it does make our product much more presentable & professional looking, however it’s really at the expense of killing our environment. 

In respond to the call of zero waste, Tabletopics will cease to use resealable plastic sheets to pack our woodies, be it for ad-hoc or corporate & wedding bulk orders.

It has always been on our mind on how we can replace with alternative packaging. The best answer in fact, is to go package free and re-purpose other product packaging.

Firstly, we have been cutting up cereal boxes which provided sturdy backing for our Cake Toppers. We have also been storing intact carton boxes, bubble wraps from suppliers or our daily purchases, reuse them to pack bulk orders to deliver to you folks. We are proud to say that we have yet to purchase a single roll of bubble wrap to date. That also goes to explain why you receive parcels from us in several other branding boxes, including diaper carton boxes!

We simply didn’t want these boxes to go to our landfills so soon and prolonged its lifetime by reusing them. Of course, like every businesses, it’s also our dream to have personalised carton boxes imprinted with Tabletopics logo for that professional look but that also simply means generating more boxes and contributing them to waste.

We reuse used/unwanted packaging materials to pack your orders without compromising protection. After all, don't you agree that it is the products that matter the most?

We do understand that sometimes you need to have your gifts packed presentably. We have been sourcing sustainable alternatives especially fabric packaging (more to come soon) and listed them under Packaging Needs. However, we do hope that you folks will only purchase them when there’s a need to.

Our utensils sets such as Sujeo & Supoh are best matched with our Fabric Wraps that’s not just pretty but reusable too. Besides, our utensils sets helps reduce single use disposables as well.

We hope to garner the support of you folks as well as corporates to join us on this zero waste movement. One less plastic sheet used is one less waste to the landfill.

We welcome ideas on how we can provide green packaging alternatives. Simply write to us below!

Let us all make gifting more sustainable, green and eco friendly! Cheers!