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Oriental 古雅

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$48.00 SGD
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$48.00 SGD
A diamond-framed piece with subtle oriental elements. A classy minimalist display at your porch entrance that shouts your surname with pride!

Oriental Signage details:
  • Standard size of 29.5 cm across (left to right & top to bottom)
  • Thickness of 5 mm.
  • Display with ease using 3M adhesives (not included).
  • Alternatively, opt for our hook ring option to hang it with a hook. Featured bronze hook can be purchased from Daiso.
  • Slight wood burn marks or stray wood fragments are expected and not considered as a defect on signages.
  • There will only be 1 artwork designed for Chinese surname signages.
  • We seek your understanding that artwork will only be drafted and sent for preview upon receipt of paid order.
  • Self pick up is highly recommended for signages.
  • Faux floral in images are not included yeah ;)