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Better 2022 Bundle

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 All orders from Jolly Collection will be dispatched between 6 - 18 December. 

As we wrap up yet another Covid-fatigued year, we hope to bring some hope & light to a brand new 2022. A better 2022.

This bundle is specially curated to welcome your better 2022 with a spritz of freshness, a sense of re-organising, & a little personal touch while penning your daily to-dos.

Although our To-Do list never seems to end, we'd encourage you to relax, recover, rejuvenate and refresh in however small pockets of time daily.

Make a cuppa honey, brew some tea, inhale the aroma of coffee, spray your favourite scent. With that, we hope you'll receive the positive energy from the littlest things in life in a better 2022.

For an even better treat, add-on by checking one or more of the boxes above. Final price will be reflected at cart summary.

  1. Gryphon Cold Brew - $4
  2. Olsen's Cookies Pack - $4.50
  3. Asylum Coffee Treat Card - $5
  4. Name engraving on Heirloom box - $5

This bountiful bundle includes:

  • To-do List Pad

  • Hush Pocket Sanitiser

  • When I was Four Motivational Badge

  • Honeymill Honey Pot

  • Super Farmers Rest Blend Tea Bags in an air tight glass canister

  • Choice of Ceramic Mug in Granny Green / Vintage White

  • Choice of Coffee / Tea definition coaster

  • Customised Wooden Honey Spoon

  • Heirloom Box with cover sleeve

  • Better 2022 Wooden Gift Tag

  • Our in-house designed Jolly Season gift card

Do note that Sanitiser, Motivational Badge & Honey pots will be dispatched in random scent, design, flavour. 

If you'd like us to send the bundle(s) on your behalf, please do cart out for each gift recipient individually i.e. 1 recipient per address per order. Shipping fee of $6.50 per bundle applies for both our Soul Healing & Better 2022 bundles.

& of course, we'll be happy to pen a handwritten note on our Jolly Season gift card for each bundle for you. Leave your message in the field above!