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*This is a Christmas Pre-Order item going on 10 sets Bundle Price*

  • Pre-order period: 9 Sep 19 - 10 Oct 19.
  • 10 sets Bundle Price is valid only during the above period.
  • Item is still available for purchase as long you are able to add it to cart after 10 Oct, till stocks last.
  • Pre-ordered items will only be dispatched from 11 Nov 19 onwards.
  • If you've added regular items in the same cart, they will be delivered together with the pre-order items.
  • Please proceed with purchase only if you're ok with the wait.
  • Hope you'll enjoy your Christmas shopping with us! Thank you folks!

This Christmas, Tabletopics has moved beyond engraving and embarked on embroidery!

Adding another sustainable gift to our catalogue, this Bring-Your-Own-Utensils (BYOU) set is perfect for daily eat-out goers or frequent dabaos office peeps. We hope to advocate folks to BYOU & help save the earth by reducing 1 set of plastic disposables each time at each meal. 

Each set comes fully equipped with stainless steel dining essentials:

  1. Spoon
  2. Fork
  3. Chopsticks
  4. Bent Straw
  5. Boba Straw (comes with a slant edge for ease of poking into your cuppa!)
  6. Cleaning Bristle x 1

Be spoilt with colour choices of Stainless Steel, Rose Gold & Carbon for the utensils!

    Inclusive of a Canvas wrap, choice of Olive or Tote White, that comes with elastic bands to hold each piece of utensil snugly. Pick a colour of your choice and have a name embroidered on it. Choose between Brush font (see Jiamin) or Signature font (see Angela), no add-on fee required! Or simply leave it to us to decide the font type that best suit the name.

    Have a group of folks to gift? We've got a 10 sets Bundle Price for you! Feel free to mix and match colour choices for all 10 sets. Simply select the last option "10 sets Bundle" from both dropdowns.

    Corporate orders with customised designs or logos are warmly welcomed. Please check out this link for bulk pricing (min. 50 sets) or simply drop us an email.

     The BYOU details:

    • Utensil Length x Face width
      Spoon 21 x 4 cm
      Fork 21 x 2.5 cm
      Chopsticks 21 x 1 cm
      Regular Straw 21.5 x 0.6 cm
      Boba Straw 21.5 x 1.2 cm 
      Canvas Wrap 22.5 x 6 cm (when wrapped)
    • To personalise, please indicate in the following format: Fabric Colour / Utensils Colour / Name / Font Type
    • Example:
      • 1. Olive / Stainless / Jerome / Brush
      • 2. Tote White / Carbon / Thaddeus / Signature
      • 3. Olive / Rose Gold / Olivia / I'll leave it to you!
      • etc...
    • Alternatively, simply drop us an email to with your Order Number in Subject, if you have a long list of names!


      • Most items comes with complimentary engraving in Classic font, unless indicated that engraving is not available. 
      • Upgrade of font is not required for Signages, Badges and Cake Toppers orders as the pricing includes designs in calligraphy font types. 
      • To upgrade your font, please head to Add-On in main menu and select Premium Fonts from dropdown.
      • Font upgrades are at $2 nett per font per order.
      • We have hand-picked 3 premium font types for your selection: Brush, Scribble, Signature.
      • Your selected premium font will be applied to your entire order.
      • If you'd like to have Brush font for certain items and Scribble font for some items, you'll need to add both fonts to cart. i.e. 2 x $2.
      • Chinese and Korean characters are available as well.
      • To indicate your engraving request, please input it in the field Add a note to your order just below your cart page.
      • Suggested format of input: Item / Wording / Font



      • To further personalise your woody with an icon, please head to Add-On in main menu and select Icons from dropdown.
      • Icons are chargeable at $3 per icon on each item.
      • If you'd like to have a Bicycle icon each engraved on 3 different trays, you'll need to add the Bicycle icon with quantity of 3 to cart. i.e. 3 x $3.
      • If there's an icon you have in mind that's not available in the selection, you may input in the field Add a note to your order just below your cart page.
      • Suggested format of input:
        • Item A / Wording / Font / Icon
        • Item B / Wording / Font / Icon


      • To further personalise your woody with a short quote or an additional line of engraving, please head to Add-On in main menu and select Quote from dropdown.
      • Additional quote or line of engraving are chargeable at $3 per item.
      • There's no limit on the number of characters, just note that there is space constraint on the woody. We always recommend keeping it short and minimal. For lengthy quotes, the font size will have to be shrunk to fit within the space and may not be aesthetically visible.
      • To indicate your engraving request, please input it in the field Add a note to your order just below your cart page.
      • Suggested format of input: Item / Wording + Quote / Font

      Lead Time

      • Our lead time for ad-hoc orders is 2-3 weeks, inclusive of artwork (crafting, editing, confirmation), engraving process and shipping.
      • Lead time for corporate and wedding orders is 6 - 8 weeks, inclusive of restocking, artwork (crafting, editing, confirmation), engraving process and shipping.
      • Artwork preview is only available for Signages, Cake toppers, Corporate and Wedding orders.

        For all the remaining woodies, we apologise that we do not provide previews for individual order items. Specific location of engraving and font type samples are as per product images displayed. We seek your kind understanding to refer to the sample images as reference.

      • For urgent orders, do contact us to check if we are able to fulfil within your required time frame. An express charge of $10 applies for orders with less than 2 weeks lead time. 

      Do look out for a confirmation email that will be sent to your inbox (for Hotmail account users, it may land in Spam folder) within 2 working days after placing your order, to verify your engraving requests.

      Simply drop us a reply that your order's all good for us to proceed with the making! :)

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