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Bloom BYOU

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All orders from Jolly Collection will be dispatched between 6 - 18 December. 

Spring into 2022 with these floral motifs!

We may feel a little lonelier while eating out now, given the current 2 pax restrictions, so why not make our dining in or dabaos back to office / home office a little brighter - simply with a floral and personal touch.

These newly designed fabric wraps comes in either 2 or 4 pockets. Each pocket to slot in your individual utensils. Lightweight at 5 grams, it's handy and portable to double up as a casing for stationery, cables & chargers or your toothbrush & paste!

Made of cotton linen, it's washable for daily use. Alternatively, wash & dry your utensils before tucking them back into the fabric wraps. You'll also feel assured that your utensils are thoroughly clean when dining out too.

Ultimately, Bloom BYOU aims to encourage folks to reduce the use of single-use disposables. We hope this makes a green practical gift and sets your 2022 resolution to go plastic free!


Bundle includes:

  • A choice of fabric wrap

  • A personalised set of utensils - Fork, Spoon, Knife, Chopsticks engraved with a name / word

  • Our in-house designed Jolly Season message card

To customise, select your required quantity and enter all the names/words in the field above. Click enter after keying each name/word. Do ensure that your required quantity and number of names tally ya! This will greatly smoothen our orders processing ;D

Do note that we are only able to customise one name / word per set. i.e. all 4 pieces of utensils will be engraved with the same name / word.

We have only the Blue Pinwheel motif that comes in 2 pockets, the utensils included would be Fork & Spoon only. The remaining motifs all come with 4 pockets.

Unfortunately, due to limited stocks, we are unable to sell just the fabric wrap solely.